Tropical Mix

NAME: CO2OL Tropical Mix Project

COUNTRY : Panama

PROJECT : Reforestation

STANDARD : Gold Standard

The world’s first Gold Standard reforestation project stretches over 13000km2 of land – with over 3.5 million trees planted. Formally degraded pasture lands are reforested with predominantly native tree species and turned into mixed forests. The project combines sustainable timber management and organic cocoa production with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration.

This project has ensured fair employment for the local population and the increase in flora and fauna has created new habitats and corridors for migratory species. These new habitats have already saved 15 animal species from the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. Restoration of ecological function has reduced the erosion of soil and improved local water quality.

Borehole Rehabilitation

NAME : Zoba Maekel Community Boreholes

COUNTRY : Eritrea

PROJECT : Energy Efficiency – Domestic

STANDARD : Gold Standard

The project works with local communities to identify and repair the many broken boreholes in Eritrea. As well as the natural health benefits it means that families no longer have to boil the water, saving firewood and thereby preventing carbon emissions from being released.

The Zoba Maekel district is largely a rural district with high levels of poverty. Eritrea has faced considerable challenges over the years, including variable climate conditions. Many existing boreholes are owned by community groups or community based organizations (CBOs) and have fallen into disrepair because maintenance programmes have been poorly managed, or have proven too expensive.

Wind Power in Honduras

NAME : Cerro de Hula Wind Project

COUNTRY : Honduras

PROJECT : Wind Power

STANDARD : United Nations CDM

Cerro de Hula was the first wind farm in Honduras, reducing emissions by displacing energy from thermal power plants and delivering it to the national grid.

The project has created over 40 permanent jobs; 75 maintenance jobs and a minimum of 20 indirect jobs. It has provided over $200,000 to community projects linked to – amongst other things – improvement of equipment and accessories in schools, and instigated a program to grant over 220 full land-ownership titles to community residents

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